The Accountability Myth

“I have to be better”. “I lost my composure”. “I am responsible!” and other bullshit like that. That’s what NY Jets fans, and fans of other pathetic loser sports franchises, listen to as they search eternally, like Sisyphus, for relief that will never come. It’s the accountability myth. The projection of accountable “things”, but withContinue reading “The Accountability Myth”

The Stench of Weakness

My high school drinking buddy, the one who used to stand naked on the bench to put his socks and Air Force Academy cap on first when he got dressed after showering in the football team locker room, put himself in front of a train at 11:57 PM on a lonely South Carolina February evening,Continue reading “The Stench of Weakness”

New Village Now

Old friends are great to have. People with whom you can pick up with right where you left off. I’ve been around for 32 years. I meet people everywhere and I try to make a real connection with all of them. Occasionally, time doesn’t allow you to build any rapport. Sometimes personalities clash right offContinue reading “New Village Now”

Why Don’t You Chew on it First?

I released a podcast. That’s pretty cool. Even if only 7 people listened so far. Folks have a lot to say. I think mostly because everyone thinks they can do something better than you. But, really, it’s not about doing it better. It’s about doing it, period. You can’t be funnier than me if you’veContinue reading “Why Don’t You Chew on it First?”