Be Not Ferocious

We saw what you wrote
On the arms of the coat
Reciting by rote
With rage in your throat
The violence we’d tote
Was not a footnote

Shape up you said
Brace for bloodshed

Dehumanize that Man
Call him ivan

Fuck all our pain
Tug on our chain
Our bucket will drain
Your coat will remain

War is our spot
Targets we plot
Accept not a blot
As we kill a lot

A whole fuckin’ lot

But if we can’t
And bodies are scant
You’ll surely recant
With a wholesome chant

Bury the rifle
Savagery stifled
Battle is nothing
A faraway trifle

You taught lethality
Vicious brutality
Delivering fatality
With ruthless totality
Our mere banality

Pollish our boots
Purge and dilute
Sharpen salutes
To you be astute

But should we forget
And severity besets
Our violence abets
With standards you set
Not just a threat
Justice you’ll get

We called you our leader
But the temperature reader
Wafts duplicity potent like cedar
Just another guardhouse feeder

Now tell us, “Be not ferocious”
Which was made for us precocious 
Which for you, is now atrocious 

Be not ferocious

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