Bone Broth

In Honor of Sgt Saede Mahabub, USMC: May you Rest In Peace. Semper Fi.
Veterans – reach out to your buddies today and as often as you can. They need you. You need them.

We knew what we wanted
Completely undaunted
As recruiters vaunted
About the brave and unhaunted

Guns and toys
Girls and boys
Combat deploys
All of its joys

Executed your motions
Forged the oceans
Endured your devotions
Arrested our emotions

At sunrise we’d run
That was dumb
We fired a ton
That was fun
Then it was done
Before it’s begun

Now we feign hilarity
In our search for clarity
But we find austerity
Without solidarity

The broth has stewed
Our comrades unglued
Now be shrewd
For your supposed brood
Give us servitude
Lest we delude
Mentally seclude
Thoughts obtrude
And the story concludes

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