The Accountability Myth

“I have to be better”. “I lost my composure”. “I am responsible!” and other bullshit like that. That’s what NY Jets fans, and fans of other pathetic loser sports franchises, listen to as they search eternally, like Sisyphus, for relief that will never come.

It’s the accountability myth. The projection of accountable “things”, but with no action to meet it. We can all say “it’s my fault” and then do nothing. It’s like people who think confession, by itself, absolves them of sin. In that world, even Jeffrey Dahmer could be saved.

The Jets sins are made in vein and with no clear path to redemption. Well, there may be a path – it’s called change!

We, the fans, deserve to know why this organization favors rhetoric suggesting accountability over actual accountability. We deserve to know why the Jets hire the same coach every 3-5 years. Remember when the Jets hired Bill Parcells, and then Bill Parcells, and then Bill Parcells 5 more times? By Bill Parcells, I mean a stubborn, ego-maniac who likes to say things that are quotable but, ultimately, pretty useless.

These days, people loooove data and analytics. Maybe that stuff is interesting and vaguely useful. Last year, I read an article about how Robert Saleh makes the “statistically correct decision” more often than most coaches in the NFL. In other words, when the analytics suggest he should go for it on 4th down, he does. So cool! His yield on that “correctness” is 5 wins in 20 games – waiting to see what the analytics say about that one! Maybe instead of being good at analytics, he should try winning football games.

It requires no analytics, however, to determine that the Jets are a poorly run organization. They simply have not figured out how to win consistently and, save a few outlier seasons, I could have ended this sentence after “win”. It’s got to be the Johnson family. They must be losers at their core. They must have no clue how to hold folks accountable.

In that case, it must be up the fans to hold them accountable. The Jets fans should peaceably assemble in Florham Park and demand that the Johnsons stop tormenting us. We should throw Woody Johnson on a scale to see if he weighs the same as a duck. And if he weighs the same as a duck, than he must be made of wood. And if he’s made of wood… HE’S A WITCH! Well, maybe not a witch, but you get the point.

Robert Saleh would be angry with me to read this and I sure do hope so. He may even ask for a receipt. After all, I am suggesting that he fix his shit NOW, or else he will finish within a year or two and the next failed Bill Parcells. But I need him to hear this:

Hold yourself accountable. Look at your game plans. Look at your stubbornness. Look at your many failures to adapt. Your scheme is not good, otherwise, your team would be good. Mike LaFleur is not good, otherwise, his offense would be good. Jeff Ulbrich is atrocious, otherwise, his defense wouldn’t be so atrocious. If you’re not trying to win games, then just say that. But quit saying it’s your fault. Instead, show us that it’s your fault by doing things differently!

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